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The Last of Us Part II Director Praises PS5 And Its Speed

by Liana Ruppert

We’ve gotten our first real in-depth look at what the PlayStation 5 will have to offer and while the Xbox Series X pulls ahead in some areas, the PS5 definitely holds its own in others such as incredible loading times. Among the people praising the next generation is The Last of Us Part II’s director Kurt Margenau. 

Margenau took to Twitter to air out his impressions and it was easy to see how excited he was. He even went as far as to say that it was the “biggest leap” in his career, something that’s massively excited. 

“Still tripping about this #PS5 SSD spec,” he mentioned. “Like, people don’t even know how big of a leap in terms of game design can be made, especially for 1st party that doesn’t have to design to lowest common denominator. By far the biggest leap in my career. Can’t wait.”

The comment section was alight with speculation that this was meant to be a hint that Naughty Dog is working on something special for PlayStation 5 – which is a given, but not necessarily at launch. To assuage rumors, he added “Obligatory: No, I’m not hinting at anything ND is working on, just speculating base on those numbers.”

Obviously the team will eventually have something that launches on the next generation, but it is exciting to see so many developers amped out by what’s ahead. With loading screens soon becoming a thing of the past, to ray-tracing making things look picture-perfect, both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is sure to be a treat for all to enjoy.

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