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The Last of Us Part II New Release Date Set, Ghost of Tsushima Comes This July

by Liana Ruppert

When Naughty Dog revealed the news that The Last of Us Part II would be indefinitely delayed due to COVID-19, PlayStation gamers around the world were crushed. While it seemed that it would be a lot longer of a wait for the highly anticipated sequel, the team once more made a public announcement and with it comes the new Last of Us Part II release date as well as when we can expect Ghost of Tsushima! 

New The Last of Us Part II release date

The team over at Naughty Dog has been working hard on the sequel and while we here at Prima Games opted not to cover the big leak that surfaced this weekend out of respect for our readers, there is at least other news regarding the zombie game that we feel comfortable sharing! That’s right, The Last of Us Part II release date is set and is coming to PlayStation systems everywhere on June 19th. 

But it’s not just The Last of Us Part II that saw a release date revelation! 

Ghost of Tsushima release date

News about when we would be seeing another exclusive has been mum in the previous months but that all ends today as Sony announces that Ghost of Tsushima is set to launch on July 17th. That’s two months back-to-back of exclusive goodness for players to enjoy, both promising incredible stories dripping in tragedy, a will to survive, and narrative direction. 

With both games now set with a release date, we’re hoping this means no more delays for either title. With COVID-19’s continued spread, stay at home orders from all over the globe have remained in effect, which means that daily routines both personally and professionally continue to be disrupted. That disruption has caused numerous delays across all forms of media, including movies and games, so it’s nice to see an upturn regarding expected launches of these stories that we are dying to immerse ourselves in.

Now that we’ve got our The Last of Us Part II release date and our Ghost of Tsushima release date, which game are you the most excited for? Have you seen the Last of Us leaks that have been going around from one disgruntled Naughty Dog employee? Did anything revealed put you off of the game? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames! You can also pre-order The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima here at the respective links while also supporting Prima Games at the same time! 


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