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New Destiny 2 Expansion Release Date Revealed In New Video Then Quickly Taken Down

by Liana Ruppert

We know that Bungie has a lot of plans for future Destiny 2 expansions but we don’t know exactly what’s coming down the pipeline outside of a few previous leaks and lore clues from recent events. While we don’t have an official confirmation yet as a whole announcement, it looks like Bungie accidentally spilled the beans early with a social media post on the game’s official Instagram account. 

Bungie revealed Destiny 2’s Year 4 with the below Instagram post from the official Destiny account stating that the next Destiny 2 expansion will be revealed at 9 am PT on June 9th. While the post itself is gone, there is still an archived version of it that can be found here, via VG247.

The small teaser clip showed off Eris Morn traveling through a blanketed world covered in snow against powerful winds as they make their way directly into the camera’s view. We’ve got a detailed recount of what we think will be next with the new Destiny 2 expansion with our previous coverage here, but it looks like we’ll be seeing Morn will be center stage and Exo Stranger could finally get her origins story. 

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As for why the post was deleted, Bungie hasn’t given an explaination. Given Sony’s, and many other gaming company’s, vow of silence during the soaring nationwide protests rebelling against police brutality, it’s likely that they felt that a Year 4 reveal wasn’t the best time to share news of what’s next in-game. That, or there was some kind of error seen in the caption, though the date in the written caption matches up with the date seen at the end of the small clip. 

We’ll be learning soon enough for ourselves come June 9th, assuming plans don’t change. 

It will certainly be interesting to see what comes next for the Destiny sequel. It’s been a rough few years with a very rocky launch, but following the split from Activision; Bungie seemed to hit its stride once more with their player base. What do you think about the Destiny 2 leak and what the team over at Bungie has in store? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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