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Destiny 2 Dark Omens Leak Reveals New Enemies, Destinations, and the Darkness

by Liana Ruppert

While it looks like Destiny 3 will be a long way off yet, Destiny 2 continues to go strong after the renewed vigor this community saw once Bungie separated from Activision. With so many expansions under the game’s belt and a long list of content confirmed to still be on the way, a new Destiny 2 expansion leak reveals more about Dark Omens and what will allegedly be coming next to the online game. 

Previous rumors and leaks have stated that the next expansion would be called Collapse, but this new rumor puts the new DLC under a different name: Dark Omens. According to the recent leak, this new expansion will commence with the arrival of season 12, Season of Dusk. 

The Pyramid Ships have been a huge topic of conversation recently within the Destiny 2 community and that talk definitely continues here with the destruction of Titan. It will then be up to Guardians to head on our to a new destination, the moon of Europa, to prepare their strategy of attack against the ultimate enemy: The Darkness. 

The leak mentions that the Dark Omens name is in homage to Zavala in the current season and it will feature a new race of enemies as well as the location of the main Pyramid ship, the Calamity, and Europa. The new race will be called the Veil, according to the leak, and this race is made up of a group of elemental aliens that worship the Winnower and the entire philosophy behind the Final Shape. The six new enemies that this new race will allegedly include:


Similar to the Taken in appearance and tend to attack in large groups and suppresses Guardian powers


Ranged enemies that can teleport


Average enemy type


Melee-based spectres


“Gloating, winged” enemies with shields that can drain Guardian’s health and Super energy. 


Tank-like enemies comparable to Hive ogres

According to the leaker, “The main campaign will be about the vanguards/warmind’s attempt to set up a defensive point on Europa against the Veil and stop them from spreading towards the Last City. The starting cinematic begins with Titan’s destruction from the Veil as they tear apart Saturn’s moon with a gravitational weapon. After an explosive first mission with a big battle on Europa, the Veil will prove to be too big of a threat for the vanguard.”

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They go on to mention that the leader of the Veil goes by Narhazuhl and his mission is to drag Guardians into the Darkness. The Drifter will reportedly aid Guardians in the fight with Calus, Eris, and Mara all making special appearances as well. 

The leak also alleges a new Dungeon on Europa called the Tomb of Despair and will take place after the defeat of the campaign’s main boss, causing the Veil to resurrect an old ally. Other tid-bits dropped include: 

  • 2 new Crucible maps
  • New Exotics, including a new Scout rifle called Winter’s Call
  • New seasonal artifact
  • New vendor refreshes
  • New seasonal pursuit weapon called the Undoing, an Auto rifle

As detailed and probable as this is, it’s important to take all rumors and leaks with a grain of salt until Bungie itself makes the official reveal. Still, if even half of this is true it’s exciting and continues on the dark path that Forsaken and latter expansions provided. 

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