Japanese audiences were treated to a Level-5 Production Ni No Kuni movie adaptation last year, though news of a western release was sparse. Now according to a new report, the film will be expanding beyond Japan thanks to Netflix later this month. 

According to VG247, the film, directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, is set to be a dubbed version of the Ni No Kuni movie adaptation seen last year. With Momose having worked on the actual Ni No Kuni games in addition to his experience with Studio Ghibli, the hype is real to see how he furthered the magical world that so many gamers have fallen in love with. 

For those excited, the Ni No Kuni movie adaptation is set to arrive this month and will feature "two average teens" as they embark on an epic adventure in order to rescue a friend. There will be some lovey-dovey narratives woven in as well in addition to the usual character interactions that game fans will recognize. 

The Ni No Kuni movie adaptation officially arrives on Netflix on January 16th.