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Music Mixing Game FUSER Takes its Final Bow This Month

Closing time.

by Jesse Vitelli

This morning the team at Harmonix announced that its music-mixing game Fuser would shut down all online services for the game on December 19. At this point, all game sales and DLC sales will also be pulled from stores.

Music Mixing Game FUSER Takes its Final Bow This Month

The official statement can be read below. This comes directly from the Fuser website:

“We want to thank you for mixing with us. On December 19, we will be disabling FUSER’s live services and all sales of the game, as well as its DLC. Players who already own FUSER will still be able to play the Campaign and Quick Play with any DLC they have already acquired.

Thank you again for your support and for all the amazing mixes over the years.”

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Fuser initially launched on November 10, 2022, marking just a little over two years before the service shut down. The team had already scaled back support for the game earlier this year and has been slowly ramping down.

Owners of the game can still play offline modes like Quick Play and Career. However, they will not be able to purchase any DLC or partake in the Diamond Stage, which was introduced in 2021.

It isn’t easy to see online games go away, with barely any piece of them left for historical preservation. If you want to purchase Fuser before it’s gone forever, pick it up before December 19.

There are plenty of great and cursed mixes to make. What other games allow you to subject your friends to four different vocal tracks from Smash mouth’s All-Star, all in different pitches?

Fuser is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and the Nintendo Switch until December 19. Mix now or forever hold your peace.

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