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Fuser’s Diamond Stage Helps Players Shine Bright Like Never Before | Hands Off Preview

by Jesse Vitelli

Last week I had the opportunity to preview the new Headliner Spotlight update coming to FUSER. This update introduces the Diamond Stage, which helps FUSER’S community shine bright. 

Fuser’s Diamond Stage Helps Players Shine Bright Like Never Before 

The Diamond Stage will allow players to purchase time-slots for the stage using the new Diamond in-game currency. Purchasing a slot for this stage will give you access to a live performance in front of up to 250 spectators and help connect fans of their favorite FUSER creators to a spot and time they can show up. 

The whole philosophy behind The Diamond Stage is helping bring a lot of external organizations amongst the community internally to one spot. Time slots for the stage will increase and decrease in price on a sliding scale based upon supply and demand. 

Primetime Friday night slots may be more expensive than a Wednesday at 4 am, but the developers were clear they will be keeping an eye on it and tailoring the system as need be. 

Performers will be able to select a slot with up to three other people for a 30-minute set. The developers also mentioned bringing in celebrities and musicians to the headliner spots from time to time. Fans can watch the Diamond Stage both in-game and at the new FUSER Twitch channel Twitch.tv/FUSERheadliners. 

The new currency Diamonds will be made available in all game modes across FUSER. They can not be purchased with real money and are the only way to purchase slots for the Diamond Stage. It’s a new system that focuses on giving players one consistent currency to spend on shop items and other things to help further customize both their DJ profile and character.

It’s clear that this new update is community-focused first and foremost. The team said they wanted to bring a lot of external community engagement happening outside of the game and give them the tools to help organize events and spotlights internally. 

The team also said that they don’t fully know what to expect from the Diamond Stage as it’s really built for the community to run wild with. Of course, they will be monitoring it and making changes as needed, but it’s exciting for them to see what players are capable of. 

The update also comes with new Twitch Drop integration to the game so viewers can earn content from watching their favorite FUSER streamers. Creating anything can be difficult, and many fans engage with FUSER simply by watching and sharing their favorite mixes. This update is also focused on them by giving these players more options in how to engage with FUSER without actually having to make music themselves.

For instance, the recommendation algorithm has been overhauled to better reflect the creators and types of mixes they are looking for. Between this, being able to watch their favorite DJs on the Diamond Stage, and earning drops via Twitch, there is no shortage of ways for non-creators to enjoy FUSER.

At the end of the demo, I asked the team if they could add White Houses by Vanessa Carlton and was told I’m not the first person to request it. So who knows, maybe it’ll be included sooner rather than later.  

You can check out the trailer for the new Fuser update right below. The game also has a new price of $39.99 across all platforms.

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