MultiVersus Season One Patch Notes: Nerfs, Buffs and Changes

RIP Bugs and Velma discourse

It’s time for MultiVersus’ Open Beta to come to an end. After a slight delay to August 15, 2022, Season One has officially launched. The new characters won’t start arriving until the 23rd, but in the meantime there’s a bunch of changes and adjustments to the game. Yes, that includes nerfs to some of the early standout characters. Buffs, too! Here’s everything you can expect.

For starters, Morty now has a confirmed release date of August 23. The free rotation for this week includes LeBron, Arya, Batman and Steven. Changes were made to certain Battle Pass missions and win/loss payouts. Several Perks were tweaked, and the Ice debuff was retooled quite a bit.

This patch will come in two parts, one part on August 15 and the second ASAP after. Larger reworks are coming as well to things like the hit/hurt box systems, but are not part of this patch.

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Now for the character stuff! In the interest of time and copyright concerns, I’ve listed the changes by Nerfs, Buffs and Changes (bug fixes, different properties, etc) and noted the moves or abilities affected. For the specific changes you can navigate to the official website here for what’s different on a deeper level. For now, you can pretty much guess who was changed and how. It’s pretty much everything the community has noted since the open beta and through Evo 2022’s tournament.


Batman (Ground side attack, Air/Ground Neutral Attack)
Bugs Bunny (Air Up Attack, Air Side Attack, Air Neutral Attack, Ground Down Attack)
Finn (Passive, Air Side Special, Ground/Air Up Special, Air Side Attack, Ground Down Attack, Ground Side Attack)
Iron Giant (Air/Ground Down Special, Air/Ground Neutral Special, Air Up Attack, Air Neutral Attack, Ground Up Attack, Ground Down Attack)
Jake (Air Down Attack, Ground Up Attack)
Reindog (Air/Ground Neutral Special)
Shaggy (Rage Air Side Special, Ground/Air Side Special)
Steven (Ground Down Special)
Superman (Ground Neutral Attack, Ground Up Attack, Ground Down Special)
Taz (Air/Ground Up Special)
Tom & Jerry (Air Up Special)
Velma (Air Side Special, Air Up Special, Ground Side Special, Air Down Attack, Air Side Attack, Ground/Air Neutral Attack, Weight, Knowledge Is Power perk)


Arya (Air/Ground Up Special, Air Up Attack, Neutral Air Attack, Ground Side Attack, Ground Down Attack)
Finn (Air Down Special, On The House perk)
Garnet (Air/Ground Neutral Special, Air Neutral Attack)
Harley (Weight)
LeBron (Air Side Attack, Air Neutral Attack, Ground Side Attack/ Ground Down Attack, Ground Side Attack)
Reindog (Air Up Special, Air Up Attack)
Shaggy (Rage Ground Down Special)
Taz (Air/Ground Down Special, Air/Ground Neutral Special, Ground Up Attack)
Tom & Jerry (Dynamite)
Wonder Woman (Ground/Air Neutral Special, Ground Side Special, Weight)


Arya (Air/Ground Neutral Special)
Batman (Air/Ground Side Special)
Bugs Bunny (Air Up Special, Air Side Special, Air Down Special)
Garnet (Air/Ground Down Special)
Harley (Stuffie Bat)
Iron Giant (VFX, Ground Forward Special, Ground Forward Attack)
LeBron (Air/Ground Side Special, Ground/Air Down Special (No Ball), Ground Neutral Attack, Basketball, Hot Hands perk)
Taz (Chicken Debuff, Air/Ground Side Special)
Tom & Jerry (Air Normal Attacks)
Wonder Woman (Air Up Attack, Shield of Athena Signature Perk)

That’s all for now! We’ll see how things do as the first full MultiVersus season develops. Keep an eye on Prima (and my byline, natch) for updates, tips and hot takes on WB Games’ weirdly successful platform fighter.

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