Monster Hunter Rise released for the Nintendo Switch last Friday. Capcom has announced this morning that the game has sold four million copies in its first weekend. This is a huge success for Monster hunter, which has always been extremely popular in Japan but had troubles breaking into the western market.

Monster Hunter Rise Sells 4 Million Copies In Opening Weekend

2018’s Monster Hunter World was a huge success for the series finally making a mark in the west, and Rise seems to be capturing the same momentum. 

World shipped five million in its opening weekend, but this could be due to it being on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while Rise is only on the Nintendo Switch.

However, this is still a huge milestone and shows that Monster hunter Rise is going to be a huge success for Capcom moving forward. Monster Hunter games have legs, and will continue to sell. 

Capcom has already announced an update for Monster hunter Rise coming in late April that will add new monsters and more. 

That’s not all, if you’re looking for even more Monster hunter this year, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of ruin is coming out in July. It’s a much different take on Monster Hunter, but the success of Rise has us believing this will continue to cement Monster Hunter as a top seller for the Nintendo Switch.

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