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Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event Happening on January 7

by Jesse Vitelli

Today, Capcom announced that there would be a Monster Hunter Digital event on January 7, at 6 am PST/9 am EST for Monster Hunter Rise. Last year Nintendo announced a demo is coming sometime in January, so it is likely we will get the date of that demo during this event. 

Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event Happening on January 7

As far as what else we can expect from this digital event is unclear. We know a hefty amount of information about Monster Hunter Rise already from the game’s previous videos. Over the past few weeks, the game has been releasing short videos showing off Monster Hunter’s weapons and how they work in Monster Hunter Rise. 

This event will probably showcase a few new monsters and maybe some more of the area players will be able to explore. Either way, it sounds like Monster Hunter fans should absolutely not miss this event. 

Monster Hunter rise is set to release on March 26, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It’s undoubtedly one of Capcom’s most high profile releases this year alongside Resident Evil Village. 

The Monster Hunter Twitter account also showed off a first look at the Bishaten gear, which can be seen below. 

There are plenty of weapons and gear sets to obtain in Monster Hunter Rise if you put the time in. We’re excited to see more of this game finally. It’s so close to release, so this will probably be the last big information dump before release. 

The digital Event will be held directly on Monster Hunter’s Twitch page. 

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