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Metro: Last Light Walkthrough – Chapters 1-10

by Prima Games Staff

Check out my Top 10 Tips for Metro: Last Light as a companion to this walkthrough. Many of the commonly repeated gameplay elements are covered there. This game can be tackled overall in two ways: stealth or guns blazing. The choice is up to you; the story will not change, but there are trophies/achievements for going through the game without killing any human enemies that you are not forced to kill. As such almost every encounter can be done without killing human enemies; you can either sneak past them if possible or knock them out from behind. For this walkthrough, I will focus on the more action-packed, guns blazing route with a touch of stealth thrown in. Take back the metro as you see fit.

I will be listing where every note of the game is located; they will be in italics so they can be easily seen. I also have some of the optional trophies/achievements that I obtained in bold so they can be easily seen as well. If you have any questions or constructive comments about this walkthrough, please do not hesitate to comment below or send them to me via twitter @Saix_XIII

Chapter 1: Sparta

The very first fight is scripted, so don’t worry about the outcome. When you can move around again, follow the path to meet with Miller. Along the way, you will reach the Armory. Don’t focus too much on your loadout because the weapons you choose won’t stay with you for long. Just try a few out; get a feel for them and continue with the objective. After you meet Anna, follow her to reach your next goal. The very first note is on a chair to right of the elevator after the meeting.

Chapter 2: Ashes

When you are in the tunnels, head past the ladder and head left at the end. Burn the spider webs with the lighter for a note and some loot. Get the gas mask and head up the ladder with Anna. This will be your first real enemy encounter. If you want to conserve ammo, keep the enemies at a distance and let Anna take out most of the watchmen. When you get your first glimpse of a dark one, head left at the fork. Don’t worry about getting lost, there is only one way to progress. Don’t waste ammo on the dark one, you can’t hurt it, so just keep following it to trigger a cutscene.

Chapter 3: Pavel

Be sure to focus on stealth as much as possible from here on out for the rest of the game. Stealth is key, even if you’re not great at it, it can easily turn the tide of a battle. In the sewer, stick to the shadows that the fan overhead creates to avoid being detected. Quietly take out the first enemy and activate the nearby switch. Keep moving as quietly as possible and take out the enemies when the lights go out. After you get the throwing knives, right behind you on a crate in the same room will be the note for this chapter. After the airlock sequence, stick to the right and climb up the ladder in the red light alcove to get the upper hand in the coming firefight. After you take out all the enemies, check the console to the right of the area to let the prisoners out for an achievement/trophy.

Chapter 4: Reich

This chapter is very short and straightforward. You will find a note right in front of you before going up the stairs. When the time comes…RUN!

Chapter 5: Separation

Once you get out of the cart, head left into a small alcove and check for some much-needed supplies. Again, stealth is extremely useful; so keep quiet when the two guards come in to check on you and quietly take them out from behind with throwing knives. In the next room, deal with the enemies; there are around five to seven of them. A really helpful key is the music in the game. When it’s fast and frantic, you know enemies are alerted to your presence and are actively looking for you. So just listen for the dramatic music to slow down to know when you’ve cleared an area of enemies.

In this area there is a structure to your right from where you entered. In this structure, on the bottom floor to the left, is a couch. There will be a random weapon here. Upstairs in the room with the couch on the control panel you will find a note. Walk across the upstairs catwalk and keep an eye on the pipe in front of you; three enemies will come from there. As soon as you see them, open fire to take them out with ease.

In the room where an enemy surrenders is the final note of this chapter on a desk to your left. Halfway into the next room there is a vent you must enter on the right.

Chapter 6: Facility

When the first fight of this chapter occurs, one of those enemies will possess an assault rifle with a laser sight. After the firefight, head into the next room. There will be a soldier that surrenders; he has a silent assault rifle with a night-vision scope. I found this weapon extremely useful for most of the game, so I highly recommend acquiring it. After clearing out the enemies in the next room, you can either head into the vent on the right-hand side of the room or down the stairs and through a door. Both lead to the same area, but the vent is stealthier.

The next room has a large number of enemies. In the far back left there is a small room with a note. If you choose to go in with guns blazing (or just stink at stealth like I do), you can use this room as a defensive position to easily take them out as they chase you into the room. When you are ready to move on, flip the switch at the back of the large room to open a nearby door.

The next hallway has the first trap under some rusty beams. From here on out be on the lookout for trip-wires so you can disable them. To do so, simply crouch down and look for the on-screen indicator to disable the trip.

Chapter 7: Torchlight

The upcoming creatures expose their weak spots when you shine your flashlight on them; then they are easily killed with either a melee strike or some gunshots, your choice.

After you climb on top of the train, a note will be on the ground to your right. On your way to find the fuse box, keep an eye out for some webbing that you can burn near a searchable corpse. Inside that area is the second note.

Chapter 8: Echoes

The first note is on your left on top of the bar. After getting your gas mask, go through the first door but, before going up the stairs, crouch down and go under the stairs and behind the ice cream cart. There will be a hole in the wall. Go in there for some goodies.

Keep following Pavel until he tells you to go into the service room. When there, pick up the shotgun on the table. After you enter the plane and witness the cutscene in the cockpit, you will see the final note to your left near Pavel.

Chapter 9: Bolshoi

As soon as you get past the security checkpoint, there is a note on the shelf to your left. You will finally get to your first store, so stock up on whatever you feel you need. There is also a gun/customization shop, so configure your weapons to best fit your play-style. After the shops in the next area where people are waiting in line, to your left on a bench is a note.

Chapter 10: Korbut

Another straightforward section, no notes, no shops, no fights…nothing special…just follow the main path.

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