Honkai: Star Rail Finally Has a PlayStation 5 Release Date

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PlayStation 5 Release of Honkai: Star Rail Art
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After a long time coming, Honkai: Star Rail will be released on October 11 to the PlayStation 5. From its very first livestream, HoYoverse has made it clear that it intends to bring its newest game to the same platforms it affords Genshin Impact. But update after update, information has been delayed as to specifying when exactly that time would be. 

With the date set for October 11, this release date means that PlayStation players will join right at the 1.4 update. For new players, this means that the story up until what is being released in 1.4 will be available for them along with a lot of the early events that help introduce players to the game. New players won’t be missing out on the free 80 pulls that they can get from getting started on their account and will still be able to pull for their very first Five-Star on the Beginner Warp Banner. 

For players who have already started on their mobile and want to transfer their game, HoYoverse hasn’t yet addressed how this will work, but we are likely to see more news covering cross saving the closer we get to 1.4. Looking at their sister games like Genshin Impact, there is a way to cross-save between accounts by linking PSN accounts with emails so that players are able to log into the same account they started with. This can help players avoid having to restart the game over again, and while the game hasn’t been out all that long, no one wants to lose their progress. 

Honkai: Star Rail has already demonstrated what the game will look like on PlayStation through snippets during a few of their livestreams. So, fans already have an idea of what the game will look like once it eventually does come to the console. 

There’s a lot to look forward to between now and release, so in the meantime, there is another Preregistration Campaign that is going on for Honkai: Star Rail’s release of the PlayStation 5 version. This includes lot of juicy rewards that will be granted to PlayStation 5, Mobile, and PC users if the community all bands together to get the ball rolling for Honkai: Star Rail’s PlayStation 5 version.

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