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Here’s Why The Outer Worlds Doesn’t Have Romance Options Despite Lots of Flirting

by Liana Ruppert

The Outer Worlds is being called Fallout Mass Vegas Effect (me, hi, I’m the one calling it that) for a good reason, but there’s one key component missing: Romance. Whereas the Fallout and Mass Effect franchises allow players to romance certain characters after massive flirting, The Outer Worlds doesn’t let you woo those delicious companions despite quite a lot of wooing verbiage being tossed around throughout the game’s progression? Why is that? Obsidian has the answer. 

Why does The Outer Worlds no have romance options? 

Despite how freaking adorable Parvati is and how … ummmfff … Felix looks, you can’t actually do anything about it personally. Sure you can ask (but be prepared to be friend zoned by Parvati), but ultimately it just wasn’t meant to be. In fact, some of these characters go off to find love in others. So why can’t our Captain of the Unreliable get some smooches? Well, simply put – it’s “hard.” And yes, there are so many jokes to be had with that answer. 

The simple answer from Obsidian is that “romance quests are hard and involve a lot of work.” They are, but they can enrich the immersion of the experience by so much! I STILL think of Garrus Vakarian even years later! But, luckily, that decision doesn’t seem to have any real negative impact on the game, because it is still getting rave reviews. We even gave it a 9.5! It’s just that good! 

The Outer Worlds is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC through the Epic Games Store! Learn more about the game – including some amazing guides – with our Game Hub right here! To learn more, check out a snippet of our full review below: 

According to our very own Nicholas, “Overall, The Outer Worlds was the space RPG adventure I didn’t think I needed to experience before I jumped in. I was glad I was proven wrong through the first minutes of the game that once again showed me the RPG genre is almost unstoppable when done right.”