Hearthstone is Introducing a New Titans Mini-Set Called The Fall of Ulduar

You'll be able to purchase these cards on September 19.

Blizzard has announced the Fall of Ulduar, a Titans mini-set for its card game Hearthstone. Fall of Ulduar will introduce 38 new cards and is expected to drop later this month on September 19. The normal versions of the mini-set can be purchased for $15, and the all-Golden version can be purchased for $70.

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As a part of the new set of cards launching, Yogg-Saron has escaped, and a new quest will be available. As a part of this questline, you’ll be tasked with helping “a rag-tag crew to rescue their comrade Yogg” for a limited-time event.

In addition to the new quest, Hearthstone is introducing Anomalies that’ll apply to the following games: Standard, Wild, Arena, and Twists. This means a “random rule will be applied to the game” to help keep things fresh. The Anomaly will be revealed to you right before your mulligan so you can have an idea of how you’ll need to play at the start of the game.

Starting October 1, a new ruleset called the Wonders XL will be introduced. These allow you to build 30-40 card decks, and Hero Health will match the number of cards you’ve included. Lastly, a new wave of cosmetics will be introduced. The in-game shop lets you equip new emotes, skins, and boards.

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