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Halo Infinite PC and Xbox Beta Test Coming Soon

by Liana Ruppert

Now that we know that Halo Infinite is confirmed as an Xbox Scarlett launch title, Master Chief fans everywhere are excited to learn more about the next step of the Halo franchise. While we know that the next generation isn’t set to begin until the holiday season of 2020, it looks like there will be quite a few staggering beta periods for both PC and Xbox leading up to launch.

The upcoming beta periods are being referred to as “flighting programs” in a recent blog post by 343 Industries and the goal here is to start off the testing portions small and slowly expand as the release date looms closer. This also could be referring to the pool of beta test players growing over time as well, which is pretty standard practice when it comes to closed play sessions. 

Though the Halo franchise is making its way to PC, it looks like Xbox players will have first dibs on the beta tests, though PC players will be able to partake “a little bit later.”

Also included in the blog post was a further explanation of the customization, something that the team has previously talked about, citing that Halo Reach fans will definitely be pleased with the changes seen in Infinite. You can learn more about the title and everything we know so far right here

We, unfortunately, don’t have a set release date at this time, we’ll get that when the next Xbox gets an official launch date, but you can check up on all of the previous news right here

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