Grand Theft Auto V Gets Secured, Healthy and Entertaining

Grand Theft Auto V is a huge game, and Rockstar just released info on some new features.

Rockstar Games released a few snippets of new information regarding Grand Theft Auto V today. In the recent update, the company sheds light on the law enforcement side of Los Santos, including private security and the police department. We also received word on what the residents of Los Santos do to maintain the highest level of physical fitness, and the exciting music and entertainment industry in town.

Touching on law enforcement first, the satirical update indicates that the Los Santos police department is famous for being extremely aggressive toward crime. Several news stories accompany the update, including some referencing recent happenings in national news. It’s probably safe to assume you’ll be running from the police with ease yet again. Your dreams of grand theft auto (the criminal act, not the game) are safe and secure in Los Santos.

If the police department weren’t enough, the private security in Los Santos is equally… deficient. They have super tough armed vehicles that are shown plowing into walls, presumably while a player is trying to steal the loot inside. In addition, their highly vigilant security force is shown nodding off on the job, while a flurry of menacing signs keeps trespassers at bay!

On the fitness and recreation side of things, competitive cycling takes the lead. The update informs us that it’s important to have expensive exercise gear, and that includes an awesome bike. But if cycling isn’t your thing, there’s always hiking. According to Rockstar’s official GTA site, hiking is the preferred activity for lonely psychopaths and aspiring sexual offenders. Of course you’ve also got triathlons, BMX sport riding, tennis, competitive swimming and a bevy of other activities to keep you in shape and having fun.

The most impressive aspect of the update may be the music and entertainment bits. The radio stations alone are very much on point. You can choose from a wide variety of music stations while you ride around Los Santos. There are the rap tunes on Radio Los Santos, the fun beats of Non Stop Pop FM, the dance tunes of FlyLo FM and the funktastic vibes on Space 103.2 FM, just to name a few.

These are not just random songs to fill radio air time either. These are solid tracks that you’ll be nodding your head to. Virtually every music genre is represented to make sure there’s something for everyone. It’s the little details that really help to immerse players into the game, and Rockstar is on point with these radio stations.

One thing about Grand Theft Auto V is that your home plays an important role in the game. You can customize your crib and make it a unique hot spot. Of course, when you’re hanging out at home, you’ll need something to watch. Rockstar has you covered with a variety of TV shows. The two previewed in the update include Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce… which has to be seen to really understand the epic nature of this TV show. There’s even a reality TV network that mimics real-life all too eerily.

The latest and greatest in gaming is almost upon us, and if it weren’t for the next generation consoles coming right on its heels, we would probably be playing GTA well into 2015 with all the content available in this title. Even with the new consoles, it’s hard to imagine putting down the new GTA anytime soon. We’ve got a full month of GTA content coming your way, so keep it right here on Prima Games for the latest and greatest.

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