While live streaming games and writing strategies, we missed the newest GTA 5-themed items that arrived at the Rockstar Warehouse, just in time for the holidays.

First, and this is by far the coolest thing available, is the official GTA 5 sleeping bag designed to resemble a body bag, except you're supposed to give it to someone very much alive. If you played the game [WARNING SPOILERS], it's similar to the body bag Michael uses to sneak into the IAA building in Dead Man Walking, complete with L.S. County Coroner along the side. How much? Try $70.00.

Next, we have an iFruit case for Apple's iPhone, which includes the iFruit logo and a "V" and "R" on opposite sides. Keep in mind that it fits iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s; no love for the 5c. Only $10.00 for one of those.

If you're into magnets, Rockstar has a three-pack with the GTA 5 logo. Each magnet has a diameter of 1.25" (3.175cm), and the pack also costs $10.00.

Finally, there's the Los Santos Lifeguard Tee that comes in either white or yellow. These are $24.00 each.

These items join other GTA 5 goodies, including the Chop Plush Collectible & Bullet Whistle Set, GTA 5 hoodie and GTA 5 beach towel, among other pieces of swag. You know, in case you not only play the game, but also take it into the shower. Hey, whatever makes you happy.