Grand Theft Auto V: 10 Most Anticipated Activities

Say goodbye to GTA V's plot and hello to bicycles.

As you can see from the strategic preview we posted yesterday, Grand Theft Auto V has a plethora of activities to partake in as you cruise through the city of Los Santos. With the world as your proverbial oyster, you can do pretty much whatever tickles your fancy, whether it’s riding along the coast in a speedboat or taking a run around town on an ATV – while in your underwear.

We looked through everything you can do in GTA V and came up with a list of 10 activities to enjoy.  Some are more important than others, depending on your perspective – like hunting deer instead of practicing yoga. No matter what kind of player you are, though, these activities provide a welcome break from stealing cars and running over pedestrians.  

Golf, Grand Theft Auto Style

Several leisure sports are available in Los Santos, including tennis and bike riding. That said, golf sits at the top of the list. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of play system Rockstar has in mind, and how many courses are available. Most importantly, we want to use the golf club as a weapon.

Hop into a Fighter Jet

Although this isn’t the first Grand Theft Auto game to introduce flying vehicles, part five offers access to a sweet fighter jet, armed to the teeth with missiles. You can use it for business or pleasure, either by taking out potential targets from above or simply flying around and causing chaos. Maybe you can even buzz a nearby flight tower while screaming “Maverick!”


When it comes to vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V, you can stick to the sports cars, just to see what they do on the open road at top speed. However, feel free to experiment. Trucks deliver a lot of destruction and clear cars in a hurry. Emergency vehicles are useful for getting from point-to-point, and you can play the siren however loud you want. If you prefer something smaller, you can also hop on a motorcycle or ATV and simply coast around, or see how large of a jump you can take without breaking every bone in your body.  

Forget Dog, We’re the Top Bounty Hunter

Grand Theft Auto V has a lot of side quests to take part in, but the ones that appear the most fun are the bounty hunter missions. With these, you receive targets to track down and capture, and they don’t always go quietly. Still, when you finally do bring them to justice, the pay-off is sweet.

Riding the Rails

Grand Theft Auto V includes trains, and it’s rather easy controlling one. Simply hop aboard and lay siege to the main car, then direct it wherever you want to go. If you’re creative – or crazy – enough, you can guide it into another train for one incredible collision. Word of advice: make sure you’re not on board the train when it crashes. 

Go for Your Ideal Look

Customization is a big part of Grand Theft Auto V, and this goes beyond clothes and accessories. You can also customize your vehicle and weapons however you choose, whether you prefer pink machine guns – they’re still powerful – or a bright yellow muscle car. Show the world you’ve got style.

Base-Jumping or Bust

As with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, your characters will have access to a parachute. This allows you to reach the top of buildings and jump off in spectacular fashion, only to open up your chute and drop in on unsuspecting folks. If you’re really crazy, you won’t open the chute at all, watching your character go splat on the pavement, only to come out of the hospital in perfect condition. NOTE: do not try this in real life.  

Riding a Bike

Another vehicle making its return in Grand Theft Auto V is the bicycle. While that may not sound as thrilling as cruising in a plane or car, it has its moments, especially with bike races around the city. Here, you can maintain high speeds while at the same time delivering a friendly kick to those who try and pass you.  Hey, he was asking for it.

Go for a Dive

In previous Grand Theft Auto games, swimming wasn’t a major activity, mainly because most of the action took place on land. Not so with Grand Theft Auto V, as you’ll be able to get in a scuba suit and do some deep sea diving. There’s a lot to explore beneath the city of Los Santos, and who knows – you might even find some treasure, or a dead guy.

Investing in Stocks

Finally, there’s the virtual stock market, a place where you can take your hard-earned cash and increase it through various companies. While not as exciting as carjacking and getting into shootouts, the stocks will have their moments, especially when you lose everything and steal it back.

Grand Theft Auto V arrives in stores September 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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