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Grand Theft Auto 5 Has its Own Social Network

by Prima Games Staff

As if Grand Theft Auto 5 wasn’t big enough, Rockstar Games took it to the next level in another key area – Lifeinvader.

This is a social media website with various links to companies around the city, which you can actually “stalk” in order to get in-game goodies. For instance, Los Santos Customs offers a free spray paint job for your vehicle after you follow them on their website. You can even get a free can of Sprunk soda if you’re up for it.

In addition to in-game discounts and goodies, Lifeinvader also features certain profiles of in-game characters, which you can read about and stalk as a favorite. One of the best is Jack Howitzer, a veteran whose best friend is a Chinese hand puppet. We’re serious.

To learn more – and get a 10 percent discount on a tank from Warstock Cache & Carry – visit the Lifeinvader site. You’ll need to register through Rockstar’s Social Club, but it’s free-of-charge.

Grand Theft Auto 5 releases on September 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 


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