Get Your Wallets Ready Because Pokemon Just Revealed Their Cutest Plushies Yet

I'd die for these plushies.

There’s no debating that The Pokemon Company has made some of the most adorable plushies to have ever graced our shelves and plush piles. But they might have outdone themselves with these latest additions!

Pokemon Center Japan has announced that Budew, Spheal, and Jigglypuff will soon be coming to their stores. These adorable pastel and ultra-round Pokemon are part of the Mocchiricchi Plushies series, so it’s only right that they have a lot in common with mochi, the soft Japanese rice cake.

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Pokemon Announces Cutest Plushies EVER

The Mocchiricchi Plushies series was first released in March 2022 and included Pokemon who rarely get the spotlight: Swadloon, Trubblish, and Goomy. But the Mocchiricchi series, with its soft, huggable textures, seems to have found success, so it’s only natural that a few of the more fan-favorite Pokemon have joined the lineup.

These plushies will go live at 10:00 AM on Thursday, November 10 for 4,620 yen (or $30 USD) at the Pokemon Center Online! But if you’d like to buy it in-store, you’ll have to wait until Saturday, November 12. For international buyers, you’ll, unfortunately, have to stand by for a few days before the plushes will be available for purchase on Amazon Japan or through third-party resellers.

If Pokemon merchandise interests you, I’d keep my eyes open. As Pokemon Violet and Scarlet’s release day nears, countless brands are revealing their collaborations with Pokemon. Puma, Mister Donut, Splatoon, and even Crocs are all brands that have gotten cozy with some of The Pokemon Company’s cutest mascots.  

But while you’re waiting to get your hands on one of these adorable Mocchiricchi Plushies, why not explore Prima Games’ countless resources for all things Pokemon?

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