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Final Fantasy 15 Active Time Report

by Bryan Dawson

Square Enix is pretty good about keeping its fan base informed when it comes to big titles. Recently the company held another Active Time Report to update fans on the progress of Final Fantasy 15 and while you can watch the entire Japanese broadcast below, we’ve got a quick recap for eager fans who may not understand the language.

Active Time Report Summary

  • Contents of the pre-order bonuses were shown off.
  • There will be DLC weapons from previous games in the Final Fantasy series.
  • There’s also a Lucis DLC outfit for Noctis.
  • Regalia will change forms depending on the height in the air and will retain that form until it lands.
  • Lead director Tabata indicates that to get the full Final Fantasy 15 experience you need to watch the Final Fantasy Kingslaive film first, then play through the game.
  • Final Fantasy 15 will be in playable form at Gamescom with an updated demo and the final build of the game may be available in time for a Tokyo Game Show demo.