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Final Fantasy 15 – Sturdy Helixhorn Locations, A Better Engine Blade III

by Prima Games Staff

Start Your Engine (Blade)! 


Throughout Final Fantasy 15, players will come across special weapons that can be upgraded using rare treasures. The Engine Blade, the first weapon in Noctis’ arsenal, can be upgraded multiple times to make it stronger and more powerful. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find a Sturdy Helixhorn, which is needed to complete the upgrade process and fulfill the A Better Engine Blade III side quest in Final Fantasy 15.

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How to Find Sturdy Helixhorns

Sturdy Helixhorns are much harder to find than the previous rare treasures needed to upgrade your Engine Blade. After you talk to Cid and receive the A Better Engine Blade III quest, head up to the Old Lestallum Outpost in Cleigne. Head inside the nearby diner and speak with the Tipster there to learn about a few of the nearby hunts going on at the moment. You should notice a particular hunt called The Last Spiracorns. The hunt, which is level 29, is a bit tough to pull off, so make sure you are a high enough level to survive the battle. When you are ready, talk to the Tipster to pick up the hunt.

With the hunt accepted, head to the location marked on your World Map. You quest will task you with defeating 2 Duplicorns and 3 Spiracorns in Lower Wennath. To get the Sturdy Helixhorn, you will need to attack the Duplicorn in the horn. This will increase your chances of the item dropping. Sadly, this isn’t a 100 percent guaranteed drop, so you may need to complete the hunt multiple times to pull it off. Unfortunately, this is the only way to acquire the Sturdy Helixhorn, so if you want to complete the A Better Engine Blade III quest, you’ll need to put up with the hassle.

Once you acquire the Sturdy Helixhorn, head back to Hammerhead and speak with Cid to complete the quest and upgrade your Engine Blade even more. At this point, there aren’t any additional ways to upgrade the Engine Blade, but we’ll update our coverage of the game if that changes. You can return to our Final Fantasy walkthrough for more guides and tips.

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