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Final Fantasy 15 – Berried Memories, How to get Ulwaat Berries

by Prima Games Staff

If You Want To Complete The Side Quest You Need These! 

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Ulwaat Berries are an extremely rare ingredient that can only be found in one place within all of Final Fantasy 15. These berries are required to complete a side quest that can be picked up from Coctura, the cook at the Galdin Quay. In this article we’ll show you how to get this quest, as well as how to find the berries and complete Berried Memories side quest in Final Fantasy 15.

How to Get Berried Memories

To acquire this quest you must speak with Coctura. At this point in time there aren’t any specifics about when the quest becomes available, however, many players speculate that it can appear at any time after your first visit to Galdin Quay. Because of this, we’d suggest dropping in at Galdin Quay every few days to see if she has the quest available at the moment.

Once you obtain the quest, you’ll have to continue through the game until you obtain the quest, Brave New World. You must make it to this point, as this is the only thing that will allow you to complete the quest.

How to Get Ulwaat Berries

With the quest now in your journal, make your way to the house near the lighthouse at Cape Caem. This area can be found along the southern edge of the map. Look for a woman named Iris on the porch of the house near the lighthouse. Speak with her and she will give you seeds, and an option quest to tend to the garden. Plant the seeds that she gives you, then leave and return after a day.

Harvest the garden to receive 5 Caem Carrots. At this point a man named Tony will arrive, offering to exchange various items for the carrots that you just harvested. You can always purchase additional items from him, but for the sake of completing this quest, make sure to exchange your carrots for Ulwaat Berries.

Now that you have the berries in hand, return to Galdin Quay and speak with Coctura once more. She’ll reward you for your trouble, and even offer to cook the special item that she needed the berries for. If you have 12,000 Gil, go ahead and buy the plate, as it will also unlock the recipe for Ignis’ cookbook.

Rewards received for completing this quest include:

  • 5,000 experience
  • 3,000 Gil
  • 1 Leiden Sweet Potato
  • 1 Fine Cleigne Wheat
  • 1 Ulwaat Berry

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