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Fallout 76 Could Be Getting Pets and the Brotherhood Soon

by Liana Ruppert

The Fallout 76 Wastelanders update is now live and many are jumping back into the online Wasteland and are excited for a Fallout game that once more feels like … well, a Fallout game. With a revamped story and sassy NPCs like the series is known for Wasterlanders is the second lease on life that 76 needed and it looks like one of the upcoming updates to make it even better is going to be cute as heck! That’s right, Fallout 76 could be getting pets soon! Oh, and the Brotherhood!

There was a recent Reddit AMA about Fallout 76 Wastelanders with Lead Designer Ferret Baudoin and Jeff Gardiner. A plethora of topics came up but let’s talk about the most important: those gosh dang good puppers and how Fallout 76 is severely lacking adorable furry companions. 

When one Redditor asked if pets were on the way, Gardiner joked “Edible ones?” He then got a little more serious and added, “Now that we have our companions system in the game, we are looking to add pets as well.” While not a release date or total confirmation, it’s great to see that it’s being looked into heavily because every game is made infinitely better with the inclusion of pets that are safe and protected at all costs. 

Pre-Fallout 76 Wastelanders, I couldn’t imagine playing solo. It was a fun experience with friends but I got dragged under when playing by myself. Now that there are so many storylines and characters to meet and greet, I almost don’t like playing with anybody – which is great, because if you don’t wanna you don’t gotta. But as a now-solo player, I would love to have an adorable canine companion, especially with how much I tethered myself to Dogmeat in Fallout 4. 

Do you know what would make Fallout 76 Wastelanders even better alongside pets? The Brotherhood, which is a real possibility. Prior to this, there were hidden lore pieces that could be found about the Brotherhood, but nothing concrete. Gardiner teased, “Let’s just say the Brotherhood is now watching the wasteland of West Virginia very closely…” 

The Brotherhood is an intricate part to Fallout lore and their inclusion would bring Fallout 76 even more into the good graces of loyal fans. Wastelanders is an epic start that has been received well thus far and the team promised that even more stories and companions will be joining the game in the future with new updates. 

What do you think about Fallout 76 adding pets and The Brotherhood of Steel? What other franchise-specific additions would you like to see make their way into Fallout 76? Sound off and tell us what you hope the future brings over on Twitter @PrimaGames! We’d love to hear your predictions on what could be next! If you want to learn more about what’s new in Fallout 76, check out our Wastelanders breakdown here

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