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Even Fallout 76 Players Are Hoarding Toilet Paper

by Liana Ruppert

With the rising TP wars of COVID-19, even Fallout 76 players are hoarding that valuable toilet paper goodness. COVID-19, or coronavirus as everyone still likes to refer to it as, continues to spread outside of China. Italy has been on forced lockdown for well over a week now and the United States is edging that way as well now that all 50 states are infected. Because of that, for some ungodly reason, that has translated into hoarding massive stashes of toilet paper and it looks like the mad TP dash of 2020 is extending into gaming as well, specifically: Fallout 76. 

The lovely thing about this day in age is that humor is our crutch. Judge all you like, but a solid meme makes dealing with the end of the world a hell of a lot easier, so bring it on, Meme Man. Continuing on that humor brigade, Fallout 76 players are poking fun at the outrageousness of current events in a fictional post-apocalyptic world and yes – that includes hoarding an inhumane amount of TP. 

A message to whoever bought my 4 toilet paper rolls for 450 caps each. from r/fo76

The hilarity started over on Reddit when ‘HistoricPigDog’ took to the forum to ask why oh why would someone by 4 rolls of toilet paper for 450 caps EACH. The responding thread was gold with one person saying they sold one roll for over 20,000 caps. Who knew that you could retire off of toilet paper? What a time to be alive, both in-game and out. 

While Fallout 76 players await the major Wastelanders update that brings on a completely new story fully equipped with living, human NPCs, they are passing the time other ways, as seen above. With so many in forced quarantine, it’s pretty hilarious to see the various ways gamers are passing the time and really goes to show how much we, as a society, rely on art – in many forms – to carry us through trying times. 

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