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Facebook Gaming Reveals #PlayApartTogether Tournament for COVID-19 Relief

by Liana Ruppert

With so many in quarantine due to the continued spread of COVID-19, many around the world are faced with total life disruptions, fear, and loneliness. Gaming has offered an outlet for as long as it has been around, an outlet that many newcomers are coming into as a whole new world of exploration. In a continued effort to raise money for COVID-19, and to provide a fun escape for people around the world, Facebook Gaming and Greenlit Content are partnering up for a new #PlayApartTogether tournament to do some good out in the world!

The #PlayApartTogether tournament is in a combined effort with the World Health Organization and will see major pro-athletes, celebrities, streamers, and gamers from all over the world come together – safely – in the name of gaming. Remote play yet still connected, this tournament’s main goal is to raise money and awareness for the massive COVID-19 outbreak. 

This season of the #PlayApartTogether will kick off today, April 17, at 8 PM EST and will run until 11 PM ET. You can watch the stream in action through here with the exclusive Facebook stream! How the #PlayApartTogether tournament will work is that each week players will compete for a 25,000 dollar reward to a charity chosen by the winner with COVID relief as the main objective. People from home will be given the chance to donate as well with the Facebook COVID fundraiser seen here

For the first tourney: 


Andre Drummond

JaVale McGee


Justin Herbert

Christian McCaffrey

Joe Burrow

Jarvis Landry


Ron Killings “The Truth”



Alex Bregman

Lance McCullers

PGA Stars

Bryson DeChambeau



Jen Selter


Avori Henderson

The Facebook Gaming tournament is one of many ways gamers and industry professionals alike are banding together to help stop the spread and aid in the treatment of COVID-19. Each week will offer something new for gamers to enjoy with different players, prizes, and a few surprises along the way

“Right now, we’re all wondering what we can do to help and it’s easy to feel disconnected thanks to the very necessary imposed isolation,” said Greenlit Content’s CEO, John Benyamine. “Gaming has become a natural respite for many of us, so offering the chance to hook up with fellow gamers online, watch some great talent take part in live matches, and raise money to help ease the burden on our heroic frontline healthcare workers felt like the perfect way to address lots of pressing issues at once, in a fun and social way”.

How do you feel about the Facebook Gaming’s #PlayApartTogether tournament? Will you be tuning in? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’ll see you there! 

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