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Dungeons & Dragons Laeral Silverhand’s Explorer’s Kit Explores The Forgotten Realms

by Ginny Woo

If you’re a Forgotten Realms enthusiast and you’ve been wanting something to add a little spice to your Dungeons & Dragons campaign’s life, then you probably could use the latest supplementary material that’s been announced by Wizards of the Coast. Yes, we’re talking the new Dungeons & Dragons Laeral Silverhand’s Explorer’s Kit, guaranteed to give you a primer to the Sword Coast and beyond.

Dungeons & Dragons Laeral Silverhand’s Explorer’s Kit Explores The Forgotten Realms

The Forgotten Realms are a fan-favorite setting when it comes to D&D campaigns. Whether it’s traipsing around Waterdeep or swashbuckling just off the Sword Coast, countless players and DMs have taken inspiration from the land of Faerûn. With so many cities, vastly different climes, and just the potential for mayhem, can you blame us for needing a bit of a refresher from time to time?

That’s where Laeral Silverhand’s Explorer’s Kit comes in. Essentially, it’s packed to the gills with information about the cities of the Forgotten Realms, lore, and a buttload of stuff to do with some of the land’s most famous denizens – all compiled by one of the most famous archmages, well, ever. However, lore isn’t the only thing that you can look forward to from the Open Lord of Waterdeep. We’ve listed out what else you can find in this new Explorer’s Kit, including:

  • 20 illustrated cards containing lore about the people, places, and other cool stuff in Faerûn and beyond
  • Laeral’s witticisms and findings gleaned from natural curiosity, badassery, and just being the daughter of the goddess of magic
  • A cute felt box
  • 11 dice (a d4, a d8, a d12, two d8s, two d20s, four d6s)
  • A gorgeous twofer map spanning Waterdeep and the Sword Coast

Now, this is quite the haul, and we’re pleased to tell you that while it isn’t quite out yet, it will be retailing from March 17 and you’ll be able to purchase it on Amazon here. You’ll also be able to pre-order right now if you absolutely want to secure your copy, and it seems to ship worldwide, so you too can make this Dungeons & Dragons Laeral Silverhand’s Explorer’s Kit yours for the price of $29.99!

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