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Dota Underlords Sees a 90% Drop In Peak Player-Base

by Liana Ruppert

Valve debuted their Early Access title Dota Underlords last year but it looks like it’s having a hard time retaining its player-base. While it started off strong with a 200,000 player peak back in June of 2019, that number is much smaller looking at it now. 

In a recent report by Steam Charts, Dota Underlords has seen a 90% drop in its active players dropping from 200,000 down to 15,000. A further breakdown from one Reddit user showed a high peak of 20,000 with a dip as low as 11,000 in recent days. 

One might say that the holidays have played a factor, but when looking at the data it’s clear that the drop has consistently lowered monthly since its strong launch. The game, when it first went live, was very well-received from PC gamers that had nothing but positive things to say about the battler. It doesn’t look like the decline is because it’s a “bad” game, but maybe Valve needs to look into fresh updates to give players a reason to come back for more. 

It’s natural for online games to have degradation in player base, but this soon after launch for such a dramatic number? Valve needs to do something, and fast, if they value Dota Underlords’ place in the battler market. 

If you’re interested in checking out Dota Underlords for yourself, the game is free-to-play now on Steam

Source: Steam Charts, Reddit

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