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How To Upgrade Dota Underlords Heroes

by John Cooper

 Learning how to upgrade Dota Underlords heroes is essential if you want to rise to the top. If you haven’t tried out Dota Underlords yet, then check out our guide on how to download the new game from Valve.

Dota Underlords is a turn-based strategy game that has you choosing units to send into battle and letting them fight it out themselves. It’s a very hands-off approach to strategy and one that relies more on your ability to prepare things, than on your ability to make strong strategic decisions. It’s also a lot of fun, but there are a few points that aren’t brilliantly explained.

How To Upgrade Dota Underlords Heroes

Upgrading your heroes in Dota Underlords is the best way to put more power on the board without adding units. It can turn even the lowliest of units into an absolute powerhouse, but it’s not easy to get a hero to the maximum rank.

Heroes start off as 1-star units, and if you can collect three of them, then they will all fuse together into a 2-star unit. They have more health, better damage, and even stronger defenses. They also still only take up a single slot of your deployment, which makes them invaluable. To get a 3-star hero, you need to fuse three 2-star units, which means getting a total of 9 1-star units.

The best way to do this is to use some money to reroll the shop inventory. This is the only viable way of getting a hero to the max rank because the chances of it happening naturally are absurdly small. So, make sure to reroll the shop and focus on getting the units you want to upgrade.


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