To disable or not to disable, that is the question Bungie asked themselves when an OP glitch regarding the Destiny 2 exotic Wormgod Caress was discovered. Unfortunately for those that liked the bug, they made a decision and went ahead and suspended the weapon until a fix is in place, which means the massive amounts of damage dealt when players triggered a certain action is no more. 

For those that haven't taken part in the glitchy goodness yet, players discovered that when having the Wormgod Caress equipped that they could stack Burning Fists, a handy buff, and then carry that buff over when switching out of that guantlet. Switching back and forth with the gauntlet kept the buff active, meaning it was possible to keep it up at an infinite pace. 

Though it may sound simple, this was a handy bug to use when wanting to dole out even more damage, especially when looking at PvE instances like Raids and Strikes. Titans through this gift that kept on giving became death-dealing machines, especially when paired with powerful shotguns, which is why Bungie felt it was imperative to remove it ASAP. The only upside to this glitch is that it doesn't seem to affect PvP aspects like Crucible, which is good.

This isn't the only exotic that has a very OP side-effect much like the Lord of Wolves shotgun and the Wishender bow, but it looks like the studio is re-evaluating the value of these stats and is looking to make the necessary changes with player-feedback in mind. 

As for the game itself, disabled exotic excluded, Destiny 2 is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia.