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Destiny 2 Promises Free PVP Maps in Wake of State of the Game Criticism

Long live Crucible?

At the start of August, Bungie released an update on the state of Destiny 2 that left a sour taste in the mouth of many players. While not stated explicitly, the post suggested that Bungie abandoned certain aspects of Destiny 2. While some mourned the loss of new Gambit content, the largest area of upset was around Crucible. Now it appears that Crucible players will get some serious attention.

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In response to the criticism, Joe Blackburn, the director of Destiny 2, released a video on Twitter, the first communication of this kind to come from Bungie, which promised improvements to the PVP side of Destiny 2.

Part of these improvements is changing how maps are deployed for Destiny 2’s crucible. Instead of trying to create one map that is suitable for all types of gameplay and release it yearly, Blackburn said that there will be a single map pack released in 2024 that will contain several maps that each cater to a different type of gameplay. And best of all, this pack will be free to everyone.

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In addition to this, Blackburn said that Bungie will be standing up a Crucible Strike Team. He elaborated on what this meant, saying that a Strike Team was created between the release of Curse Of Osiris and the Warmind expansion, one of the lowest points in Destiny history. This team focused on player investment, likely leading to improvements in the Forsaken expansion. The Crucible Strike Team will likely aim for the same improvement level in Destiny 2’s PVP offerings.

Image via Bungie

One of the major benefits of the Strike Team that Blackburn highlighted is the focus on community-driven decision-making. This includes taking in feedback from those who engage with PVP and communicating changes as soon as possible. Hopefully, this brings Destiny 2’s PVP to the level it deserves and keeps players in the loop as soon as possible.

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