Destiny 2 Players Hit Out at “Pathetic” State of the Game August Update

Guardians be hella mad at the state of the game.

Destiny 2 fans big mad.
Image via Bungie, Edited by Prima Games

On August 3, 2023, Bungie outlined what the leadup to The Final Shape expansion will look like for Destiny 2 in its State of the Game update, and it’s safe to say that many players are not happy. Gambit appears to be a particular point of contention, with disappointment surrounding the lack of content.

Destiny 2 Guardians Aren’t Happy With the State of the Game

Joe Blackburn, Game Director for Destiny 2, outlined several changes the Bungie team plans to implement for the game before The Final Shape releases in early 2024. This includes changes to Ritual content, including increasing Ritual Engram drops, a new Vex Crucible map, three new Strand Aspects, Fireteam matchmaking for Dungeons and Raids, and a whole lot more.

Sounds good, right? Not every Guardian seems to think so. Social media is awash with players expressing their disappointment with particular features being glossed over or skipped entirely. “The way this reads you’d think they’re a 30 person dev team struggling to make ends meet, always short on resources,” one player wrote on Reddit. “This is pathetic.”

“They really just said we don’t give a f**k about gambit lmao,” another commented, specifically in response to the Gambit update, which has over 1,600 upvotes at the time of writing. “RIP Gambit,” said someone else.

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What exactly is going on with Gambit? Well, not much, it seems. And that’s the problem for many. The long-time feature has rarely seen changes since its implementation in 2018. And the Destiny 2 team made it clear that they don’t plan on giving it a refresh any time soon outside of porting the Cathedral of Scars map and adding Shadow Legion and Lucent Hive enemies because, and I quote, it is “an area of the game with lower engagement that would take resources away from more popular parts of the game to shore up.”

No banking those motes on a new map any time soon. Image via Bungie.

Another sore spot for some players is the lack of new armor from Ritual playlists, with Blackburn stating the reason as it being “increasingly challenging [to do so], especially considering these sets have historically had very low adoption by players as both base armor and cosmetic ornaments.”

“You can’t say it’s hard to crank out ritual armor once a year when [the Eververse] gets constant new armor every season,” a fan responded. “Gaslighting is saying new armor is too hard and time consuming when eververse is full of new designs,” added another.

The Destiny 2 Showcase 2023, which is set to reveal The Final Shape expansion fully, is scheduled for August 22, 2023. Maybe Bungie will address the mass backlash there, if at all. Or maybe we’ll finally learn the fate of Cayde-6

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