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This is Not A Drill: Cayde-6 May Be Alive in Destiny 2 After All

Should we change his name to Cayde-7?

by Daphne Fama

During the PlayStation Showcase, we had our first glimpse at Destiny 2’s trailer for the Final Shape, the last expansion in The Light and Darkness saga. And while many expected to see the Witness, many were shocked to see Cayde-6 instead.

Cayde-6 Might Not Be Dead in Destiny 2

Guardians are defined by two things: their role as Chosen by the Traveler and their immortality. Immortality that is conditioned on the survival of their Ghost. Which makes losing a Guardian even more painful.

And few deaths rocked the Destiny 2 community, like the loss of Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard. Cayde-6 was there at the very beginning of Destiny 2, offering guidance and a sense of levity that balanced out Zavala and Ikora. And in times like the Red War, his ability to find humor and joy in things made him well-beloved by many Guardians.

Which is why his death in 2018, during the breakout of the Prison of Elders, shook so many to their core. But now it looks like Cayde-6 might be back. In The Final Shape trailer released during the PlayStation Showcase, we see Ikora speaking to Cayde-6 atop a lush mountain. Cayde-6 is geared with what looks like his iconic Ace of Spaces Hand Cannon. But now, it has the spectral Taken treatment, and in the sky above, there’s the pink triangular portal that the Witness cut into the Traveler.

Is this the other side of the portal? How was Cayde-6 resurrected? Where is his Ghost? Why does his weapon have that Taken sheen? How is Ikora there, or is she even there at all? There are so many questions, and we’ll likely have to wait to learn those answers. On August 22, 2023, Destiny will have its own showcase, which will delve a little more into this much-anticipated expansion.

My theory is that Cayde-6 has been teleported to a pre-Golden Age earth by the Traveler itself, which is why he has no Ghost. But that’s all based on less than a minute of footage, so take that with a grain of salt.  

Destiny 2 has gotten quite a few updates recently, with its recent release of the Season of the Deep. This Season allows players to explore the methane oceans of Titan, and it’s handed quite a few new Exotics. Including the very Arc Exotic Auto Rifle, Centrifuse. Here’s how to make that gun yours: How to Get the Centrifuse Exotic in Destiny 2.

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