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Dead by Daylight Celebrates Anniversary with Curtain Call DLC

by Larryn Bell

To commemorate the two-year anniversary of their award-winning survival horror game Dead by Daylight, developer Behavior Digital has launched a new set of downloadable content for the game over on Steam. The new Curtain Call DLC features a new killer, a new survivor, and a new map for players to enjoy. Dead by Daylight has also sold over four million copies worldwide since its launch in 2016, a monumental milestone that’s certainly worth celebrating with its dedicated community of players.

Curtain Call brings a new chapter to Dead by Daylight that involves a scary new killer known as The Clown, a twisted nomad who uses a special concoction called The Afterpiece Tonic to intoxicate his victims. The DLC also introduces a new survivor named Kate Denson, a singer who awakens to the eternal nightmare in Campbell’s Chapel.

Dead by Daylight Curtain Call DLC

The developers have also overhauled the in-game economy for Dead by Daylight. Players will now be able to earn new in-game content alongside purchasing it. A new in-game currency system has been introduced as well. 

According to a recent press release, the new economy structure in Dead by Daylight is based on four pillars:

  • One Community: Maps will always be free, so the playerbase will never be segmented
  • Original Dead by Daylight characters can be earned: the community can now choose between earning or buying new content.
  • All in with cosmetic items: players can now personalize their character, adding to their experience
  • Transparency: Microtransactions will help support new content development.

Two new tutorials have also been added to the game as part of the Curtain Call DLC, one for the Survivor experience and one for the Killer experience. This is intended to help players acclimate themselves with the game and begin enjoying the experience sooner.

“2018 is set to be a tremendously exciting year for Behaviour Digital. Creating our own original games has always been our dream and we are honoured to have such a passionate and vibrant community of fans from all around the world. We are incredibly enthusiastic about the future and are more committed than ever to grow and invest in our games for years to come,” said Stephen Mulrooney, Senior Vice-President, Behaviour Digital.

Dead by Daylight’s new Curtain Call DLC is available now for $6.99 on Steam and will be headed to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms in the future.

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