This morning, Monster Hunter Rise had a roughly 15-minute presentation showing off a ton of new content for the game. You can check out the presentation below.

Check Out New Monsters, Locales, Demo Information & More In New Monster Hunter Rise Presentation

First off, we have a ton of monster reveals for the game, from the ice blase wielding Goss Harag to the returning aquatic Mizutsune. There is a ton of variety in Monster design and combat. 

We also got a look at one of the new locales in the game. The Frost Islands have a unique vibe to them. Plenty of verticality in the level design to add a new layer to fights in Monster Hunter Rise.

We also got a look at some of the new vendors in the game. Like the twins Hinoa and Minoto, who will serve as your quest givers throughout the game.

There is plenty to do back at your base, like shop, pick up quests, and enter the training grounds to hone your skills. Wyvern Riding is a brand new feature being added to Monster Hunter Rise.

This allows players to actively control a Wyvern by riding on top of them and using it in combat. It’s a pretty cool feature, and we’re excited to see how it plays out. 

The demo, which was announced a few months ago, will be available later today. This demo will feature all 14 weapons in the game for players to try out. I

t will have two missions featuring a fight against the recently revealed Mizutsune. You will also be able to head to the training grounds and the Wyvern riding training area to test out this new addition to the game.  

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