Bungie Addresses Destiny 2 Armor Sunsetting Complaints

Bungie's approach to sunsetting armor in Destiny 2 has come under heavy fire and the studio wants players to know that they are listening.

Bungie’s approach to sunsetting armor in Destiny 2 has come under heavy fire and the studio wants players to know that they are listening. With each new update and season, Destiny 2 received a plethora of new gear to grind for, including upgrades for said gear. It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses, however, and many players have an issue with how Bungie approaches sunsetting Legendary armor. 

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The conversation began when Redditor ‘JoffaCXD1’ took to the boards to talk about the sunsetting process: 

Bungie, ignoring all the other controversy with sunsetting, WHAT IS THE POINT IN SUNSETTING LEGENDARY ARMOR? from r/DestinyTheGame

Community lead Cozmo23 quickly responded to the thread, saying that the team is looking into Legendary Armor progression, per feedback, and are looking to have something more concrete to reveal here soon.

“We are sharing everyone’s feedback with the team on Max Power Levels with both weapons and armor,” Cozmo replied. “We’ve seen a lot of feedback that share your point about Legendary Armor specifically and that it feels bad to have a lot of masterwork materials invested in a piece of gear that will have it’s Max Power Level capped out and no longer be useful in end game content.As soon as we have more to share we will definitely let everyone know.”

Cozmo’s comments were met with a mixed reception. Some appreciated the response while others criticized Bungie for its history of ignoring critical feedback in the past and asking for more transparent communication going forward. This has been a point of contention since launch and while Bungie’s communication has improved tremendously, some feel it has not been enough. 

A little communication goes a long way and with years of more Destiny 2 content on the horizon, including three more expansions revealed and teased, now is as good of a time as any to be more clear about reasonings behind major changes and the state of the game. 

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Destiny 2 is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia. 

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