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Destiny 2 Outlines Three Full Expansions On the Way

by Liana Ruppert

During Tuesday’s showcase, Bungie outlined a whopping amount of information regarding the future of Destiny 2. With Beyond Light coming to Guardians this September, that’s only the beginning to a narrative that will answer questions players have had since Destiny 1. While we know exactly what we will be getting with the first up expansion dropping this Fall, there is so much more on the way now that Bungie has decided to focus on Destiny 2’s longevity versus pursuing a sequel with Destiny 3. 

We know the first expansion, Beyond Light, will take Guardians to Europa with The Drifter, Eris, and Exo Stranger to fight against the Darkness and the Fallen Captain Eramis. New enemies, new locations, and long-unanswered questions will finally get closure; it Beyond Light looks incredible, but it’s only the start. So what about the other expansions? Glad you asked. 

The two additional expansions are titled The Witch Queen and Lightfall with each releasing respectively in 2021 and 2022. While Bungie’s Luke Smith didn’t divulge too much about what future expansions will bring, they did mention that there will be “many” Destiny 2 announcements dropping over the coming months to showcase all of the major changes coming to the game. 

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Bungie has been thriving since the team split from Activision and now with that freedom, they are able to fully explore the gameplay experience that they wanted to portray without the looming presence of a publisher looking for annual releases and slapstick monetization practices. There is so much story untold from the first game, so many pieces of lore not yet pieced together, and it’s because of that potential that Bungie is opting into years of future support for the current game instead of worrying about a sequel. 

With Destiny 2 introducing cross-generational support with crossplay and upgrades for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 players, it will be interesting to see where the road leads from here. Bungie has proven they’ve got the passion for the current experience, how that passion unfolds remains to be seen but we are definitely excited. 

As for Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the next adventure awaits and will be launching on September 22nd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players. You can learn even more about what sort of content is on the way with our previous coverage here at our Destiny 2 game hub. Happy hunting, Guardians. 

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