Achievement Hunter: The Ten Easiest Achievements Ever

Rack up some quick points on your GamerScore with the help of these games.

If you’re an Xbox Live subscriber, then you’re no doubt familiar with the GamerScore that’s associated with your GamerTag.  It’s a way to notify players that you’re quite good at a game, as you unlock points for completing certain tasks within it.  But let’s be honest, some games are beasts when it comes to earning points, and you’d rather let your score do the talking over your actual skills.

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We’ve found a handful of games that offer you a pretty good amount of points for practically doing very little at all.  You simply need to track down copies through your rental shop or local game store, pop ’em in, and follow the quick instructions to rank up your score.  Granted, some work more effectively than others, as some games simply require a start-up or a stat building. 

But these are probably going to be the easiest points you find out there, unless someone comes up with a game called Achievement Points: The Game and awards you 400 points up front.  (That sounds good.)

Let’s count down, in no particular order, the games that will reward you greatly for doing so little…

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Chime: Fairy Godmother (50 points)

Chime is a charming little puzzle game that mixes the curiosity of rhythm/music efforts with the piece-placing strategy of, say, Tetris on a grid.  It’s been an indie favorite, if not a best seller on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and it’s available for a decent price on the service.  To gain some easy points, you simply need to press a button on the main menu.  Doing so awards you with the “Fairy Godmother” achievement, worth 50 points.  That’s a lot just for getting into the world of Chime.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Back In the Fight (5 points)

Before the release of today’s mega-sequel Black Ops II, Modern Warfare 3 was the king of the Call of Duty roost, engulfing players in an intriguing new single player campaign and a number of multiplayer options.  But if you’re in a hurry to stack 5 extra points to your GamerScore, it’s easy.  Simply put the game in and start ‘er up, then get into the single player campaign.  You’ll be given the “Back In the Fight” nod immediately.

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard: It’s Hazard Time! (15 points)

Though it may not be preferred over much superior third person shooting efforts (like, say, Hitman Absolution and Gears of War 3), Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard does provide a few chuckles along with some suitable action, with Will Arnett voicing the over-heroic character.  And you can be rewarded without even playing through the whole game.  Simply start up a session of Eat Lead on any difficulty, and you’ll be rewarded the “It’s Hazard Time!” achievement, worth 15 points.

TMNT: Used Leo’s special move (30 points)

The TMNT game, produced by Ubisoft and timed for release alongside the computer-animated movie of the same name, isn’t half bad.  It’s part Prince of Persia, part ninja action, and total fun for all ages.  But if you want to receive a quick reward without going “cowabunga” with the whole gang, you can do so.  Simply start a game up with Leonardo – the first playable character – and execute his special move the first time, which is a simple button press.  And boom, you’ll be given 30 points as a result.

Prince of Persia: Where’s That Temple? (10 points)

When Ubisoft released the Prince of Persia reboot back in 2008, it proved that the redone hero was definitely a man of action, whether he was working his way across walls or engaging in sword play against spiritual enemies.  But it also pays to be conversational with your right-hand girl, Elika, who saves your life more than once.  To earn an easy ten points, simply start up a game, get to the point where Elika’s sticking by you (about five minutes in), and hit the left trigger to hold a conversation with her.  Doing so will add 10 points to your score.

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard: Take Five (5 points)

As if Matt Hazard didn’t reward you enough for simply starting up a game, he’s ready to give you an additional five points for doing something as easy as pausing the game.  No, we’re not kidding.  Simply start up a game and get into the first stage, and, upon doing so, hit the start button to pause it up.  Once you do, you’ll earn the “Take Five” award – and a cheap five points for your efforts.

The Simpsons Game: Press START To Play (5 points) 

This achievement comes INCREDIBLY easy.  You don’t even have to get to the point of playing a character in the game.  With The Simpsons Game, simply pop the disc in, and get to the menu screen.  Once you’re there, hit start, and there’s five additional points for your GamerScore.  You can earn a few more for playing through the stages, but if you’re in a hurry, this may be the coolest rewarding start screen you ever see.

Madden NFL 09: Now Here’s a Guy… (50 points)

John Madden may not know you personally, but after earning this ever-easy achievement for a whopping 50 points, you’ll feel like his best friend.  To earn this one, hop into Madden NFL 09 and create a player named John Madden.  Rank up his stats all the way to 99, and once you save him, the points are yours. 

NBA 2K7: My Availability (10 points)

Though NBA 2K13 is the current thundering champion of the full court, there’s nothing wrong with revisiting some of the older games in the series.  With that, we suggest going to NBA 2K7 first.  Set up a My Availability calendar in the My Player option, and then simply go in after you’ve set up a seven day one and edit one of the days.  As a result, you’ll earn ten easy points.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth: Easiest 1000 Achievement Points EVER

Finally, if you want to clean up all 1000 points that Nickelodeon’s Last Airbender has to offer, you simply need to do this.  Start a game, go into one of the stages, and mash the attack button like crazy.  That’s about it.  Doing so will earn you three The Flow of Combat achievements, an Art of Combat achievement and a One with Combat achievement – totaling 1000 achievement points!  The game’s all right, too, but this game rewards more in digital dividends than compelling gameplay. 

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