A Much-Asked-For Draenei Customization is Coming to WoW Dragonflight


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Blizzard’s World of Warcraft development team has been on a roll with content – particularly content the playerbase has been fiending for. Customization options for existing races are always expanding, with Night Elves and Forsaken getting new looks in this Fall’s 10.1.7 patch. But another, much-anticipated addition is coming as well.

Eredar Draenei Customizations Coming to WoW

The Man’ari Eredar are a subset of demonically-corrupted Draenei, found primarily within the ranks of the Burning Legion. But it seems at least some of these fallen Draenei will be brought back into the fold of Velen’s sanctuary with the datamined quest Seeing Red. This quest grants the Eredar customizations for any Draenei character, including new skin, hair, and eye colors.

Image credit: Wowhead

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I’m not going to lie: WoW lore is a bit beyond my larger understanding. All I know is seeing a big red Draenei-looking guy usually meant he was bad and I was probably about to kill him. It’s nice to see a more nuanced approach to these subsets of races beyond strictly “good” and “bad,” especially if it gives players increased opportunities for roleplay and customization.

Blizzard have also gone on record saying they’re working their way ever-closer to all race and class combinations being possible. This new approach to player-driven change is one that’s been embraced by the community, and I heartily include myself in that. But I am once again begging for Forsaken and Kul’ Tiran Paladins.

WoW Dragonflight has been on a content tear lately, keeping the pace of updates strong and steady throughout the year. If you want to see what else we’ve gleaned from Blizzard’s devpost yesterday regarding the new patch, check out our guide on the new content coming in WoW’s next patch: Fury Incarnate.

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