What We Know About WoW’s Next Big Patch: Fury Incarnate

The content just keeps coming.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight might’ve just gotten a heaping helping of new content in patch 10.1.5, but Blizzard is already teasing what’s coming this Fall in a new blog post discussing the development of the game’s next update: Fury Incarnate.

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The name certainly suggests a Fyrakk-themed outing, but it’s anyone’s guess. Here’s what we can expect, at the very least:

Dreamsurge Public Events

We don’t know much about these, but according to the blog post, we’ll be venturing to the four original zones of the Dragon Isles (one per week) and seeing out Waking Dream portals which spawn rare monsters and event bosses that drop upgraded gear. Hopefully, these aren’t as laggy as Time Rifts!

Forsaken and Night Elf Heritage Armor and Customizations

Two new Heritage Armor sets are being added: one for Night Elves and Forsaken, respectively. These are earned by leveling a new character of either race to level 50 and completing a brief quest. The Forsaken set is featured above – looking good!

Additionally, these two races will each be receiving new customization options (a little incentive for making a new one to unlock that sweet Heritage Armor). Forsaken are getting five new skin colors, while Night Elves are getting new face and body tattoos.

(Please, Blizzard, if you’re reading this, I’m begging you for Forsaken Paladins.)

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Dawn of the Infinite Heroic Difficulty

The brand new Mega-dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite, will be split in two and offered at Heroic difficulty, meaning it can be accessed via the Group Finder. This will be easier than the already existing Mythic version, which is all one big dungeon (and therefore too long to be offered in the traditional Group Finder setting).

That’s all we got from the blog post, but these new features should hit the Public Test Realm soon! If you’d like to check out what’s already in the game, our guide to 10.1.5’s new content has you covered.

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