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Top 5 Smite Esports Players of All Time

by Nikola L

Ever since the inaugural SMITE World Championship back in 2014, SMITE has been very active in the esports scene which harbors many teams from different parts of the world. Many great players are or have been a part of the competitive scene and because of this, it was quite difficult for us to select the top five SMITE esports players of all time.

Best 5 SMITE Esports Players Ever

Without further ado, we’ll start off this list:

5. BaRRaCCuDDa

Image from SMITE esports Wiki

Residing in Cartersville, GA, John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter is still an active player that currently plays for Olympus Bolts and is one of the first SMITE competitive pros. Loving video games since he was a child, he saw professional success in HALO before transitioning into SMITE.

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Some of his notable achievements include winning the Alienware Arena Cup and SMITE World Championship 2015 with COGnitive Gaming (with Omegatron, andinster, MLCst3alth, and JeffHindla), as well as 2021 SMITE Pro League Phase 1 with Olympus Bolts with Haddix, Venenu, Lasbra, and AwesomeJake408.

He has preferred to play Hunter and Mid Lane roles during his career so far.

4. Gamehunter

Image from SMITE esports Wiki

When you think of Mark “Gamehunter” Berg Horsten, many fans remember his Penta Kill at the inaugural SMITE World Championship 2014 with Vamana so there was no way we would miss including him in this list. He, along with his buddies from Team SoloMid (TrixTank, qvofred, Lawbster, and Youngbae) won the entire thing, helping to secure the event to become of crucial importance to SMITE’s history.

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With New Game Plus, he placed 1st at 2017 EU CC Spring #1, 2017 EU CC Summer #1, and 2017 EU CC Summer #2, which speaks volumes in favor of his consistency. He is also nicknamed “Godhunter” due to his immense skills. He played Hunter and Solo Lane roles competitively. Gamehunter is from Slagelse, Denmark.

3. 0mega (Omegatron)

Image from SMITE esports Wiki

Ryan “0mega” Johnson is the only player in existence to become a World Champion on more than one platform (SMITE World Championship 2016 Xbox One Invitational with Team EnvyUs consisting of him, WeaK3n, Allied, CycloneSpin and KikiSoCheeky, and Smite World Championship 2015 with COGnitive Gaming with BaRRaCCuDDa, andinster, MLCst3alth, and JeffHindla).

0mega (formerly known as Omegatron) is arguably one of the best Solo laners in the history of SMITE and comes from Austin, TX.

2. Zapman

Image from SMITE esports Wiki

Steven “Zapman” Zapas is also one of the first SMITE competitive pros and one of the most revered players on the scene. He’s from New York City and mains the Hunter role. His mechanical skills and aggressive playstyle are of top-notch quality and are rarely matched, even after all these years. His rivalry with BaRRaCCuDDa is probably the biggest rivalry SMITE has ever seen. Unfortunately, when looking at his tournament history, he hasn’t been given many titles, even though his teams are pretty much a staple in the semifinals.

In 2015, he won SMITE Pro League Season 2 Masters Sao Paulo with AFK Gaming (his teammates being CycloneSpin, Incon, KikiTheChunk, Weak3n) and in 2021, the major title drought finally ended when he won the 2021 SMITE World Championship with Pittsburgh Knights (teammates being NeiruMah, Paul, qvofred and ScaryD.

In 2022, he defended his World Champion title, but with another team (Leviathans) consisting of him, Jarcorrr, Panitom, Sheento, and Ronngyu.

1. Allied

Image from Allied’s Twitch stream.

David “Allied” Hance is our unanimous number one pick for this series. Unfortunately, Allied passed away on May 3, 2017, after a year-long struggle with cancer. He was a highly revered member of the SMITE community and aside from playing professionally, he used to be a caster as well. Before being introduced to SMITE by dmbrandon, he was active in the Starcraft II and Smash Bros. scenes. He played a lot of roles over the course of his career, depending on the situation and the platform (Support, Hunter, and Mid roles).

Sadly, the teams he was a part of didn’t see many titles, but they were almost always in the semifinals, bringing about talks about the “3rd place curse” in the community. He won the SMITE World Championship 2016 Xbox One Invitational with Team EnvyUs (his teammates being CycloneSpin, KikiTheChunk, Omegatron, and Weak3n).

HiRez labeled him as a friend to the entire community, and we definitely agree on this. David has been a down-to-earth person, with enjoyable streams and all other decent qualities that a professional player can have. He is very missed by many and it’s sad that his journey has ended early because he would have definitely written many great pages for the SMITE scene’s history.

His last video on YouTube is him playing Sylvanus, and in the comments section, it’s clear just how much he is missed.

The community has gathered around a charity cause under the hashtag #AlliedStrong and has set up fundraising activities to help pay for his medical expenses. Nowadays, Allied Strong is a page where people leave memories they’ve had with him.

He has made one Penta Kill in his professional career, in 2015, against Team SoloMid, with Rama

As an homage to Allied, Hi-Rez put a statue of Allied on the Conquest map to commemorate him, his achievements, and his impact on the community as a whole. They also sold a merch line and gave the proceedings to his family.

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