Somebody Recreated Silent Hills PT In Half-Life: Alyx With This Mod

Since Silent Hills PT will never actually get finished, we have this Half-Life Alyx rendition instead!

Horror fans around the world wept terrified tears when Konami canned Silent Hills PT but that hasn’t stopped hopefuls from trying to recreate the magic for themselves. We’ve seen mods that pieced together parts of the demo, we’ve seen fan-made remakes – we’ve even seen Silent Hills PT mashup with Seinfield; which was really weird. Now we’re getting yet another homage, this time with PT being recreated in Half-Life: Alyx.

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The Silent Hills PT Half-Life: Alyx mod comes by way of Steam Workshop user ‘AmbientDruth’ and if you thought PT scared you before? Ha, well, buddy, hope you have extra pants. The modder took to the forum to mention that they have full plans to completely recreate the horror experience within Alyx. Things they have already added includes the radio sounds, Lisa’s audio, the talking paper bag, and more. They also outlined the action items next up on their list:

– More creepy triggers
– Random radio turn off and on moments
– More triggers in general
– Door audio sound
– Refine textures (more accurate)
– Get accurate lights and props
– Flashlight
– Longer hallways
– Endings
– Punishments to bad deeds (breaking bottles and such)
– More props
– Better spawn room textures
– Easter Eggs

This mod is very much still a work in progress, something that they have mentioned quite a few times in the comments and in the mod’s description as well. They’ve been incredibly transparent about the process thus far, which makes it a pretty interesting discovery for those that like mods and for those that are interested in making them.

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Ready to experience Silent Hills PT in the realm of Half-Life: Alyx? You can check out the mod for yourself right here.

As for the game itself, Half-Life Alyx is available now exclusively on PC through Steam. Thoughts on the latest VR game and the latest take on Silent Hills PT? Sound off with what you think about Valve’s decision to go Virtual Reality over on our Twitter @PrimaGames! You can also join the conversation over on Facebook as well with our official page right here.

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