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New Cancelled Silent Hills Game Details Revealed

by Liana Ruppert

Even more details about the cancelled Silent Hills game have been revealed and it’s making us feel the loss of this game all over again. The latest reveal comes courtesy of Rooster Teeth’s Alanah Pearce and what she had to say paints a terrifyingly awesome picture of what could have been. 

In response to a fan question on Twitter about Silent Hills while on the topic of Konami’s cancelled projects, she replied “I heard that Silent Hills would require you to sign a waiver before playing because it would somehow interact with your real-world self, like by sending you emails or text messages as characters from the game even when you weren’t actively playing.”

While that sounds incredibly promising, she did clarify that this detail was heresay, so may not be totally accurate. That being said, given Hideo Kojima’s creative vision and ability to provide an uncommon nuance within his narratives does bode well for what this game could have been should it have seen the light of day. 

Silent Hills P.T was an insanely spook teaser that gamers enjoyed on PlayStation back before it was officially cancelled in 2015. Konami’s move to cancel the Silent Hills PT left many horror fans understandably upset, including that of film connoisseur Guillermo del Toro who worked on the project alongside Hideo Kojima. Since then it has been made, remade, and made again and while it looks like the organic project will never see release, at least we have pieces of an unfinished puzzle to enjoy and Kojima’s latest game, Death Stranding, to enjoy. 

Liana Ruppert

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