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The Last of Us Part 2: Here Is What Ellie Was Originally Slated to Look Like

by Liana Ruppert

Looking at concept art is an amazing way to see all of the different creative visions that go into a game and also give fans a chance to see what could have been. With The Last of Us Part 2 still very much a hot topic right now, new concept art has been revealed that shows off a very different Ellie and Joel. 

On the official Art Blast ArtStation page for the game itself, concept art has been revealed for The Last of Us Part 2 and included in that art dump was early ideation for who Ellie and Joel were. While all of the art looks incredible, it’s interesting to see the different faces these two iconic characters could have had and while that doesn’t impact the story at all, it is an intriguing inside look! 

There were a ton of images shared, including a blonde-haired Manny, over on the ArtStation page. From environmental to character sketches, the revealed art is an inside look at all of the creative twists and turns a game’s art can take and how different it can sometimes be from what makes the final cut. 

You can see the full list of concept art right here if you’re curious! Some of these make great wallpapers too, which is pretty amazing for those that fell in love with the game. 

As for The Last of Us Part 2, the sequel has been wildly divisive with many calling it Game of the Year and others saying the gratitious violence was too much. There is also the small group of gamers that complain about the sequel being “SJW’d” due to Abby and the fact that Ellie is a lesbian, but that was something we’ve known since the first game and it didn’t seem to bother anyone then. 

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To learn more about our thoughts on the game, you can read our full review right here with a small blurb below: 

The Last of Us Part II is equally brutal, lovely, heartwrenching, and almost numbing. It’s a game that, for me, recquired me to take a step back and “right” my mind. It makes you feel in the moment, which for a game like this with such heavy themes is terrifying at times.

Overall, while The Last of Us Part II did fall short in several key ways in relation to its predecessor, this is a game that is stunning and will absolutely cement itself as one of those tales that will always keep a special place in the hearts of gamers for a long time after its launch. It’s an incredible continuation that stood on its own legs, for better or worse. It’s a stunning game we can’t recommend enough, just know that it will affect you in ways you may need to prepare for.

As for the game itself, the highly anticipated sequel is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4.