The world of The Last of Us Part 2 is filled to the brim with various enemies that want nothing more than to deliver a horrific death to you. Many of these enemies are part of the infected that have taken over the world and are appalling and disgusting creatures. Players will find that there are new infected that were not present in the first game and are a result of the virus mutating over the years. One type of new infected are called Shamblers are no doubt one of the most formidable enemies you will face off against when playing. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to kill these beats covered for you.

How to Kill Shamblers in The Last of Us Part 2

These Shamblers are hulking monsters who can crash through walls with ease and will crush you to a bloody pulp if they get a hold of you. Individuals who run into one of these beats will want to make sure to keep their distance. Now, Shamblers are strong enemies who can take a good amount of damage before they die, which means that you will have to deliver a good deal of damage to them while keeping your distance if you want to kill one effectively. 

We suggest using Molotovs to dish out continually damage to one of these monsters. You should then utilize your hardest-hitting weapons and traps to eliminate this kind of enemy quickly. Weapons like your shotgun, rifle, and explosive arrows from your bow will hurt the Shamblers significantly and allow you to kill them effectively. 

kill shamblers the last of us part 2

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Shamblers like to charge at you, so laying down trip mines and tricking one of these monsters into running into one is also an effective way for you to kill one and survive to fight another day. 

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Players who know how to kill Shamblers effectively will be able to survive one of the terrifying threats that are found in The Last of Us Part 2. Let us know how your fight against these creatures goes for you over on Facebook and Twitter!