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Final Fantasy VII Remake Trophy List Guide

by Liana Ruppert

While the time spent in Final Fantasy VII Remake can vary, as broken down in our guide here, one thing many players are going to be looking for is the full Final Fantasy VII Remake trophy list. To help those players looking to earn everything possible with the remake, here is the broken down Final Fantasy VII Remake trophy list to help you get everything you need to feel satisfied with the latest game from Square Enix. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trophy List Guide

To get the Platinum trophy in Final Fantasy VII Remake, players can expect to tank anywhere between 55-70 hours in-game. There is the one Platinum trophy followed by two Gold trophies, seven Silver trophies, and a whopping forty-four Bronze trophies. It’s important to also note that in order to get them all, players must be prepared to play the game in the hardest difficulty setting. 

But first things first, what are the trophies? Here is every trophy earnable to get that Platinum goodness: 

  • Master of Fate – Platinum, Earn all Final Fantasy VII Remake trophies
  • Onetime Gig – Bronze, Complete Chapter 1
  • Escape Artist – Bronze, Complete Chapter 2
  • Mercenary Endeavors – Bronze, Complete Chapter 3
  • Night on the Town – Bronze, Complete Chapter 4
  • Plan E – Bronze, Complete Chapter 5
  • Lights Out – Bronze, Complete Chapter 6
  • Trapped Like Sewer Rats – Bronze, Complete Chapter 7
  • Reunited – Bronze, Complete Chapter 8
  • Never the Bride – Bronze, Complete Chapter 9
  • Sewer Survivor – Bronze, Complete Chapter 10
  • Paranormal Investigator – Bronze, Complete Chapter 11
  • The Collapse – Bronze, Complete Chapter 12
  • Broken Dreams – Bronze, Complete Chapter 13
  • Picking Up the Pieces – Bronze, Complete Chapter 14
  • The Pizza in the Sky – Bronze, Complete Chapter 15
  • No Appointment Needed – Bronze, Complete Chapter 16
  • Emerging from Chaos – Bronze, Complete Chapter 17
  • Destiny’s Crossroads – Bronze, Complete Chapter 18
  • Warming Up – Bronze, Win a Battle
  • Weakened Resolve – Bronze, Exploit An Enemy’s Weakness
  • Bonds of Friendship – Bronze, Free a Bound Ally
  • Staggering Start – Bronze, Stagger an Enemy
  • Music Collector – Bronze, Collect 3 Music Discs
  • Gotta Start Somewhere – Bronze, Complete A Quest
  • My First Ability – Bronze, Max Out a Weapon’s Proficiency
  • Materia for Beginners – Bronze, Level Up An Orb of Material
  • My First Summon – Bronze, Invoke a Summon
  • Biker Boy – Bronze, Get Praised by Jesse at the End of the Motorcycle Mini-Game
  • Heavenly Dart Player – Bronze, Rise to the Top of the Seventh Heaven Darts Leaderboard
  • Cleanup Crew – Bronze, Obtain the Chocobo and Moogle Materia
  • In Lockstep – Bronze, Bypass the Delta-Level Security Lock In Mako Reactor 5
  • Crate Annihilator – Bronze, Complete All Normal Difficulty Wack-a-Box Challenges
  • Say It With Flowers – Bronze, Decorate the Leaf House With a Floral Arrangement
  • Summon Slayer – Bronze, Defeat a Summon in Battle
  • Sultan of Squat – Bronze, Complete All Squat Challenges
  • Dancing Queen – Bronze, Received a Gift From Andrea for Being a Dance Superstar
  • Returning Champion – Bronze, Emerge Victorious From a Colosseum Sparring Season
  • Snappy Dresser – Bronze, Obtain Three Bridal Candidate Outfits 
  • Dressed to the Nines – Silver, Obtain All Nine Bridal Candidate Outfits
  • Whack-a-Box Wunderkind – Bronze, Complete All Hard Difficulty Whack-a-Box Challenges
  • Peeress of Pull-Ups – Bronze, Complete All Pull-Up Challenges
  • Divine Gratitude – Bronze, Receive a Letter From an Angel
  • The Johnny Experience – Bronze, Witness All Johnny-Related Incidents 
  • Best in the Business – Silver, Complete All Quests
  • Disc Jockey – Silver, Collect All Music Discs
  • Building Character – Bronze, Attain Level 50 With a Character
  • Staggering Feat – Bronze, Deal 300% Damage to a Staggered Enemy
  • Intelligence Agent – Silver, Complete All Battle Intel Reports
  • Weapons Expert – Silver, Learn All Weapon Abilities
  • Master of Mimicry – Silver, Learn All Enemy Skills
  • That’s the Smell – Silver, Defeat a Malboro
  • Ultimate Weapon – Gold, Defeat the Pride and Joy Prototype
  • Hardened Veteran – Gold, Complete All Chapters on Hard Difficulty

A game like Final Fantasy VII Remake is built upon replayability, much like the original. The same applies to the Remake but the good news is that the fact that this game is broken into several parts has no bearings on whether or not players can earn that Platinum Trophy. 

We’ll be updating our Final Fantasy VII Remake Game Hub all month with tips, tricks, and guides on how to get you started, so feel free to bookmark that right here! 

And that’s the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trophy List! Though the game is available for many now, the full official release date is set for April 10th! Thoughts on the remake and the various trophies to earn? Be sure to hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames to sound off with what you think of the latest Square Enix title and the wait thus far!