How Long Does it Take to Beat the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Looking to dive into the Final Fantasy VII Remake, here's how much time you can plan on tanking into the title.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now for many, but some are still waiting just a little bit longer to play the total reimagining of the fan-favorite. For those wondering how long it takes to beat the Final Fantasy VII Remake, we’ve got a breakdown on what you should know before diving right in. 

How long does it take to beat the Final Fantasy VII Remake? 

Final Fantasy VII: Remake offers a lot of content and is one of those games that the more you play, the more there is to play. For those looking to dive right in with their first run, players can expect about 25-40 hours to complete, depending on how attentive players are to the side quests. A straight run-through estimates to about 25-30 hours, though the game is much more fulfilling when it comes to doing all of the secret missions and side adventures. 

As with any game, especially of this caliber, difficulty settings also play a major factor in how long it takes to beat a title. The time spent in-game will increase with the bump in difficulty, so it’s important to note that these estimations are set for the Normal setting. For those looking to play on the hardest difficulty, that time to completion could easily double. 

With the Hard Mode, enemies are predictably a lot harder to slay, meaning less room for error and a lot of re-dos. For those playing on the Hard Mode, the average time for a first playthrough can run up to 80 hours with a minimum averaging out to about 45-55 hours, depending on playstyle. 

For those just looking to enjoy the game and aren’t concerned with the level of difficulty, the 25-30 hours is about the breadth of what to expect when it comes to how long it takes to beat the Final Fantasy VII Remake

You can learn even more about the upcoming Final Fantasy adventure with our Game Hub here before the Final Fantasy VII remake officially arrives with its set date of April 10, 2020. We will also be providing a ton of tips and tricks for those new and veteran players jumping in, so be sure to stay tuned for that because we can’t wait to dive into this adventure with you! Be sure to also sound off with your thoughts about the remake over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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