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Final Fantasy VII Remake Sephiroth PS4 Theme Revealed, How to Get It

by Liana Ruppert

Final Fantasy VII introduced me to my first video game crush way back when, so to see it in today’s graphics was a dream come true. While we not-so-patiently wait for the highly anticipated first part to release, PlayStation has a few nifty new PS4 themes that fans can enjoy, including one with our silver-haired-evil-but-oh-my-god-so-hot Sephiroth. 

Even though there is three in total, let’s be real – the Sephiroth is the best. And because it’s the best, there’s an additional step to get him. It’s not as easy as just download it because you think it’s pretty (because he’s pretty), you’re going to have to pre-order the upcoming game exclusively through Amazon. That’s for the United States players, non-US players can get this same theme through different retailers, though the studio behind the upcoming remake failed to disclose which ones at this time. 

Sephiroth not your thing? Well, aside from being totally weird, there are two other PS4 themes players can get their hands on, including one that’s available just from playing the demo. The other is available for those that are active PS Plus members making it pretty darn easy to get your hands on some cool dynamic themes. 

You can learn even more about the upcoming remake with our Game Hub here before the Final Fantasy VII remake makes its official debut on April 10, 2020. So far, no hints at delays due to the continued spread of COVID-19 have been reported, which will mean April will continue to bring entertainment to those in quarantine, both voluntary and involuntary. 

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