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Final Fantasy VII Remake Meets Backstreet Boys And It’s Perfection

by Liana Ruppert

Chapter 9 in the Final Fantasy VII Remake is a gift, a treasure, and it took the stylings of Honeybee to new heights with this generation’s graphical capabilities. That being said, we already loved seeing Cloud learn how to dance and take to the stage but now we get to see it in a whole new light thanks to one fan edit. That’s right, Final Fantasy VII Remake meets Backstreet Boys and we definitely want it that way. 

Everyboooody, yeah … this is perfect. Since it’s Monday and if you’re like us you could use a pick-me-up, we figured this Backstreets Boys mashup would be just the humorous thing for that added boost. Aerith sure seemed to be a fan of it and honestly? P e r f e c t i o n. Check it out below: 

Bless the internet, just … bless. Now is this some fancy elaborate edit? No, not really, but the beat is synched up perfectly and really, something doesn’t have to be the very best in the world to be enjoyable. It’s the little things in life and this video? It definitely gave us life. 

Chapter 9, as mentioned, was a gift. It carried on the serious narrative with some much-needed levity. In order to rescue Tifa, Cloud and Aerith find themselves in the Las Vegas of Midgar and it’s there that Cloud must infiltrate the mansion of the crime lord that runs it all! But to do so, he needs the blessing of three very important individuals, the advisors to the leader, and one of them happens to be the best darn drag superstar that Midgar has ever seen. It’s there that Cloud gets in touch with his inner star and puts on a show that everyone can get behind. Plus, he just looks really pretty in a dress. 

If you need help with anything regarding the many, many side quests of Final Fantasy VII Remake, be sure to check out our Game Hub here where you can find tips, tricks, and even some stellar cosplay! You can also check out some of our most popular guides below: 

As for the game itself, not including the Backstreet Boys, Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now on PlayStation 4. A recent trailer seems to point at a PC release on the horizon with a time-release slated for Xbox platforms sometime in the future at an undisclosed date. 

Thoughts on how Final Fantasy VII Remake meets the Backstreet Boys? What other mashups do you think would work perfectly? Sound off with your thoughts by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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