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How to Get Final Fantasy VII Remake Dancing Queen Trophy

by Nicholas Barth

There are a variety of mini-games that players can experience and enjoy in the world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. One of these mini-games tasks players with completing a dance routine with the one and only Andrea. Players will find that Andrea is the owner and frequent dancer of the Honeybee Inn. Players will need to utilize their dance skills with Cloud if they wish to show Andrea that they are a dance superstar and acquire the Dancing Queen Trophy. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to obtain the Dancing Queen Trophy covered for you. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Dancing Queen Trophy

The mini-game that players can earn the Dancing Queen Trophy from is found in Chapter 9 of the game’s main story. Cloud and Andrea will engage in a dance-off with players needing to clear it to obtain the Dancing Queen Trophy for their achievements collection for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Now, the format for this mini-game is one where button prompts will appear on your screen. You will need to press the correct button in time with the lights that will be around you to complete each move successfully. However, you will notice that the buttons appear a little before they are required to be pressed, which gives you a small warning as to which button you need to be ready to push when it is time. Players who can sustain a laser-like focus for this mini-game should have no trouble in making sure all of the correct button prompts are pressed when they are needed.

 Final Fantasy VII Remake Dancing Queen Trophy

The song for the mini-game that has the Dancing Queen Trophy as a reward is a total of two minutes and twenty-three seconds, so players will need to keep up their focus and not get distracted during this period if they wish to beat the mini-game. 

Having a partner watch as you attempt this mini-game could also be beneficial as they could call out the buttons to help make sure you know which one you are going to need to press next just in case you missed which one appeared on the screen. Do not rush through. The brief period the button prompt is on your screen before it needs to be pressed will allow you to make sure your finger is on the right button where rushing could result in you accidentally touching a wrong button. 

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